Headshot sessions are perfect for actors and professionals who need a high-quality image for
promotional or other purposes. The sessions will generally take one to two hours, allowing you
time for at least two looks.
If you are interested, give me a call (314-780-9424) or shoot me an email and we'll discuss what
youíd like to accomplish with the photo shoot.
Within a week of the shoot, you'll have access to an online gallery to select your three favorites,
which will be retouched and cropped to 8x10 format. You'll receive both color and B&W versions
of each photo. Additional images (retouched and cropped) may be purchased for $20 each

Click here for rates.

Payment is by cash, check or Paypal and is due after you select your final images. Thatís right. If
you donít see any photos you like, youíre under no obligation to buy them. I do, however, reserve
the right to use the images for my online portfolio.
tim barker | photographer